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September 29, 2011

Infinity Core Rulebook back in stock!

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Restocks arrived today on the Infinity Core Rulebook and on the Human Sphere Sourcebook. These have been out of stock at the manufacturer for the past several months, so we wanted to make sure everyone knew they had arrived back in stock!


September 16, 2011

Infinity October Releases listed for PreOrder

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The new releases for Infinity for October are in the system for PreOrders. This month includes a box set replacing a blister for the old Karakuri blister, using the same SKU.

  • INF280148 Ariadna: 9th Wulver Grenadiers (MK12, Grenades) $14.35 MSRP
  • INF280331 Yu-Jing: Karakuri (Combi Rifle) BOX $29.40 MSRP
  • INF280549 Nomads: Prowlers (Combi Rifle, ADHL) $10.85 MSRP
  • INF280643 Combined Army: Shasvastii Armored Corps Sphinx BOX $39.20 MSRP
  • INF280820 ALEPH: Yudbots & Netrods (Ghost: Servant and AI Beacon) $14.35 MSRP
Infinity October Releases

Infinity October Releases

August 23, 2011

September Infinity Releases Now in Stock!!

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September Infinity Releases

September Infinity

The September releases for Infinity are now in stock

  • INF280250 PanOceania: Hexas (MULTI Sniper) $10.85 MSRP
  • INF280449 Haqqislam: Kameel Remote BOX $39.20 MSRP
  • INF280548 Nomads: Sin-Eater Observants (HMG) $10.85 MSRP
  • INF280819 ALEPH: Myrmidon Officer (Combi Rifle, Boarding Shotgun) $10.85 MSRP

edit: originally posted the prices as euros, sorry for any confusion

March 9, 2011

Infinity March New Releases

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Lined up for this month are new releases for the Ariadna, PanOceana, Yu Jing, Nomads, and Combined Army.   All items are available for preorder.  Check out the March Preorder Page!

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October 26, 2010

INFINITY November Releases Announced

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Corvus Belli has sent us solicitation for new models coming out early November. All of which are available to PreOrder here. (October Releases are in stock and have already started to ship)

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Métros (Rifle, Light GL) The French-Ariadnan basic troopers are back! These reinforcements for the Métros are ready to complete any Merovingian or Ariadnan army list. Armed with a new support weapon, the Light Grenade Launcher, this light infantry’s ability to infiltrate enemy territory opens a range of tactical options. With this new Merovingian release, in October the word “victory” must be written in French!

Hexas (Spitfire) New release! The PanOceanian bad guys have arrived. These Intelligence operators are equipped with Thermo-Optical Camouflage and the best technology to accomplish the secret agenda of the PanOceanian Military and Intelligence High Command. The Hexas lack scruples or conscience. They will do anything necessary as they think that the end, PanOceania’s triumph, always justifies the means.

Saladin, Liaison Officer (Combi Rifle) New release! This Haqqislamite special character is an AI Recreation of the historical warrior king, created to act as liaison officer between Haqqislam and O-12. Possessing the Strategos Special Skill, Saladin is absolutely necessary to give any Haqqislamite player a positive start in battle. With his enhanced biosynthentic body and advanced AI mind, Saladin is, like his original, one of the finest strategists of the Human Sphere and an excellent warrior, tempered by his legendary chivalry and a merciful character.

Bakunin Jurisdictional Force Sectorial Starter Pack New release! A new miniature box containing a compilation of previously released figures. The best choice to start a Sectorial Nomad army from the Bakunin mothership! The Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin is based around self-defense, covert incursion into enemy territory, and limited clandestine activities, applying some of the revolutionary, and often illegal, Praxis developments. In this box you will find: 3 Moderators, with Combi Rifle, the backbone of this Sectorial Army; 1 Zero with Combi Rifle and E/Mauler, the feminine camouflaged infiltrator; 1 Reverend Moira with MULTI Rifle, a female shock operator, equipped with an Optical Disruptor Device; and 1 Sin-Eater Observant with Mk12, a tough defensive trooper with a weapon you can only find exclusively in this box. Revolution is a way of life for the people of Bakunin, and the army of this mothership will protect it, no matter how high the price that must be paid!

Yaogat Strike Infantry New release! Here you have another new Infinity unit box from which you can construct an Infinity Fireteam of these specialized Morat Medium Infantry, using the Link Troops rule. The Yaogat is the Morat spec-ops unit with the worst reputation amongst human troops. Their mission is to hunt down hidden enemies, but these fierce aliens don’t discriminate between soldiers and non-combatants, for them the only good human is a dead human!



August 19, 2010

New Infinity support Video

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Great way to introduce the line to new players. I’ll have them all posted on the new updated news pages soon.

May 25, 2010

Infinity: New Releases for June

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Your Order for the Infinity June releases should be in by June 7th. [PreOrder]

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Marut (TAG) – INF280807

Corvus Belli is pleased to introduce a new revolution in Mecha-style miniatures with the Marut, the powerful TAG of ALEPH. Inspired in the most stylized Japanese Mecha tradition, the Marut is a sexy female four-armed war machine. Equipped for close combat and also for long range confrontations, the Marut can detect any hidden enemy who can be on the battlefield. In the Infinity universe, covert and secret armed conflicts threaten the global peace. Onto this stage, as if from nowhere, come the Maruts to protect the human AI and to end the wars.

In addition to the above Marut, Corvus Belli will be releasing the following codes for Infinity in June 2010.

Hassassin Fiday (Boarding Shotgun) – INF280440

Shàng Jí Invincible (Combi Rifle+Light Flamethrower) – INF280342

Knights of Montesa (Combi Rifle+Light GL) – INF280240

Chasseurs (Adhesive Launcher) – INF280138

Additional images and product details can be found on the more information page for each item.  We are expecting these to show up early June 2010.  May’s new releases are fully stocked!!

May 3, 2010

Infinity: New Releases for May

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Your Order for the Infinity May releases should be in by May 14th. [PreOrder]

Starter Shasvastii (Combined Army Sectorial Starter Pack) – INF280633

A new miniature box containing a compilation of previously released figures. The best choice to start a Shasvastii Expeditionary Force. The treacherous and insidious Shasvastii constitute the incursion forces of the Combined Army, exploiting the characteristic talent of this alien race in the arts of deception, infiltration and betrayal. This box includes: 3 Seed-Soldiers with Combi Rifle, the core of the Shasvastii forces, with their special deployment skills; 1 Shrouded with Combi Rifle, a camouflaged infiltrator; 1 Malignos with Sniper Rifle, the Thermo-Optic marksman; and 1 Speculo Killer with Monofilament CC weapon, the fearsome impersonator capable to kill the most powerful and though enemy with a single strike. The Shasvastii win wars thanks to fear and stealth!

In addition to the above Starter pack, Corvus Belli will be releasing the following codes for Infinity in May.

3rd Highlander Grey Rifles (Rifle, 2 Light Shotguns) – INF280137

Acontecimento Regulars (Combi Rifle, Spitfire) – INF280239

Hsien Warriors. (MULTI Rifle) – INF280341

Devas (Spitfire) – INF280805

Additional images and product details can be found on the more information page for each item.  We are expecting our PreOrders and a Restock to show up the third week of May.

March 29, 2010

April New Releases

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Uncharted Seas

Uncharted Seas: Iron Dwarves Bellows Class Airship (1)

Uncharted Seas: Giant (1)

Uncharted Seas: Crocidon (1)

Uncharted Seas: Elder Dragon (1)

Uncharted Seas: Water Behemoth (2)

Uncharted Seas: Shroud Mages Ripper Class Submarine (1)


Caledonian Mormaers (T2 Rifle)

Azra’il (Panzerfaust, AP Rifle)

Salyut Zonds (EVO Repeater, Combi Rifle)

Zerat (Hacker)

Dakini Tactbots (Combi Rifle)

Freebooter Miniatures

Captain Rosso

Privateer Press

Forces of WARMACHINE: Protectorate of Menoth Hardcover

Forces of WARMACHINE: Protectorate of Menoth Softcover

Cygnar: Trencher Commando Scattergunner

Protectorate: Vice Scrutator Vindictus

Khador: Greylord Escort

Cryx: Bane Thrall Officer & Standard Bearer

Cryx: Satyxis Blood Witches

Retribution: Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen

Mercenaries: Madelyn Corbeau

Mercenaries: Ghordson Avalancher

January 30, 2010

February new releases!

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New Releases for the month of February!
As always you can find all of these items on the website in the pre-order section.


Caledonian Highlander Army (Ariadna Sectorial Starter Pack) ~ FEB

Acontecimento Regulars (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle + Light GL) ~ FEB

Moran Maasai Hunter (Boarding Shotgun, CrazyKoalas) ~ FEB

Seed Soldiers (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle + Light GL) ~ FEB

Garuda Tactbots (Combi Rifle) ~ FEB

Games Workshop

Warhammer Armies: Beastmen FEB 6

Beastmen Gor Herd FEB 6

Beastmen Ungor Herd FEB 6

Beastmen Bestigor Herd FEB 6

Beastmen Minotaurs FEB 6

Beastmen Doombull FEB 6

Beastmen Razorgor FEB

Beastmen Ghorros Warhoof FEB

Beastmen Malagor the Dark Omen FEB

Winged Nazgûl FEB 20

White Dwarf #361

Micro Arts Stuidos

Chaos Bases, WRound 30mm (5) ~ FEB

Chaos Bases, WRound 40mm (2) ~ FEB

Discworld Miniature Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson ~ FEB

Discworld Miniature Angua von Überwald ~ FEB

Discworld Miniature Cheery Littlebottom ~ FEB

Discworld Miniature Sergeant Fred Colon ~ FEB

Discworld Miniature The Canting Crew (5) ~ FEB

Privateer Press

Forces of WARMACHINE: Cygnar Softcover ~ FEB 3

Forces of WARMACHINE: Cygnar Hardcover ~ FEB 3

Cygnar: Warcaster Kara Sloan ~ FEB 3

Protectorate: Exemplar Cinerators Box Set ~ FEB 17

Khador: Winter Guard Rifle Corps ~ FEB 3

Khador: Widowmaker Marksman ~ FEB 3

Cryx: Warwitch Siren ~ FEB 17

Mercenaries: Rutger Shaw ~ FEB 17

Fantasy Flight Games

TM02 Talisman Revised 4th Edition

TM03 Talisman Reaper Expansion

TM04 Talisman Dungeon Expansion

WHC04 Warhammer Invasion LCG: Tooth and Claw Chapter Pack

WHF02 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Adventurer’s Toolkit

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